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Q&A Form

Point Your Phone Camera Here to Ask a Question

Send a text to: 1-410-343-4862

Send a text to: 1-410-343-4862

Webmaster Instructions:

1. Place this embed code in your site, where you want the question widget to reside.

<a name="form2140541766" id="formAnchor2140541766"></a>
<script src=""></script>
       key: "", width: "20%"

2. The “width” parameter can be changed as needed depending on where you put it.  The code is responsive.   You could put the code within an element with a narrower width and change the width to “100%” to have it take up the full width of whatever container it’s in.

3.  If you are having trouble with this code, you can also simply have a link to a hosted page:

4. You can see the code in action here:

5. The question text can be changed if desired.  Currently, it asks: “What's your question? If this is a panel discussion, to whom should the question be addressed?”


Audience members can send a text to: 1-410-343-4862 and they will be posted to the list.

You can place the following graphic on a slide.  When audience members point their phone at it, it will generate a text message to that number and they can send a message in.

Getting The Questions:

The questions can be delivered in a few different ways:

  1. They are written to a google spreadsheet which you can keep up on your team's desktops, and copy and paste questions as needed.    The spreadsheet is here:
  2. If you have a slack channel, we can deliver it to a slack channel or to a slack user.   You’ll need to add this user to your slack group:  Then let us know what user or channel you want to deliver them to.  You can create a channel just for these questions if you want.
  3. If you want them to go to your phone via SMS, send me the phone number(s) and we’ll set up the routing.
  4. We can do any or all of the above.

Feel free to test out the widget at the link above, and let us know if you have any questions!